Owl Stones Thursday, Aug 25 2011 

My obsession with owls was way before they became the “IT” animal. Here are some precious owl stones… I love the little dude all the way on the left.




Scratchboard Etching Monday, Aug 15 2011 

I’ve done a couple of pieces on a scratchboard, and realized that I absolutely love it. It’s pretty tough to etch, because if you make a mistake, you can’t go back to fix it. You can use India ink as a “black out”, but it always leaves a mark and you can tell where you were trying to cover up. I did both of these last year, and they were more for practice and technique more than anything else. If you notice the one with the two silhouettes, the girl on the right has six fingers. (!) I specifically remember being on the phone while I was working on that, engaged deeply in a conversation, as the sixth finger was etched perfectly and proportionately on the board. I probably would have added a seventh if I didn’t stop and review it over. See, I can’t really master the dual tasking, especially when it comes to talking and being productive. More on that later.  I think I would like to do another one, more elaborate and detail-oriented, but we shall see as time prevails.