Fluffsters Sunday, Oct 23 2011 

Random pictures of happy fluffsters and cute stuff. =)


Who Knew… Saturday, Aug 27 2011 

That a baby hippopotamus is so cute?

Fluffington Post Friday, Aug 12 2011 


Feeling down? Click on the link above. Boss giving you a hard time? Take a few minutes to giggle at a baby Koala. It has been known that owning a pet actually lowers your blood pressure, helps with anxiety and depression, and may even spruce up your social life. I remember after my father had heart surgery and underwent radiation therapy for cancer, our cat Phinneus was his healer in disguise. Phinny would be by his side every second of the day, and it gave my dad a purpose to nurture him. Their bond was indescribable. More on Phinneus later, as I still can’t type about him without my eyes welling up with tears. Anyway, enjoy the fluffy, furry, too cute for words little peanuts posted below!