Currently playing… Thursday, Aug 11 2011 

Stromae! My new music obsession! He is French pop/electro/hip-hop and has a bunch of really cool, upbeat and slick hits you can listen to while you drive/workout/get ready/pout on your couch. Look out for: Alors On Danse, Je Cours and Te Quiero. They’re simply super awesome.


What I am listening to… Sunday, Aug 7 2011 

I woke up this morning, experiencing one of those intense, vivid, and phenomenal dreams that only occur once in a while. Plugging the Ipod in, this song just happened to play. Perfect =)

The band is called Memphis, composed of two singers, Torquil Campbell and Chris Dumont. The entire album is easy listening, with beautiful, dreamy lyrics and Campbell’s crooning, soft voice. Some songs are more upbeat, these are songs for the soul. Campbell is also lead singer for Stars, which is one of THE BEST musical bands. Ever.

I Dreamed We Fell Apart
Airplane in the upper atmosphere
That whole town is one dim light from here
Read out on the screen says twelve below
It’s getting cold
Which means it’s time to go
Marked by the evening coming on
Ending with the ending of a song
I make up words and you play guitar
It lets us know at least we’ve come this far

I must have seen that house a hundred times
The road descends, it bends and then it climbs
If we record it maybe it will last
If we keep it still it won’t go by so fast
So fast

I dreamed we fell apart
It seems to end and then it seems to start
I dreamed we fell apart
It seems to end and then it seems to start
I dreamed, I dreamed we fell apart