My love for surrealism is truly due to discovering Rene Magritte’s paintings at the age of 14, when I was assigned to do an art history paper Freshman year of high school. I remember not knowing anything about any famous artist, except for Michaelangelo. I was pouring through the gi-normous art books when I discovered, serene, dreamy clouds and silhouettes that stopped me in my tracks. Flipping the cover over, I realized that this artist’s name was Rene Magritte, and he painted in a genre called “surrealism.” That, my friends, started my lifelong love affair with this Belgian man.

His paintings are so psychologically powerful, understated: minimal in concept yet startling in theme. I painted this tribute to Magritte, being inspired by “The Lovers”, in August of 2010. The size is enormous: 5 feet by 5 feet, and it took me an entire three months to finish this painting. I added the chessboard stairs, but tried to keep as much of the original, delicate story of the painting. I remember when I first saw an image of this painting, and how I so wanted to paint it so badly but did not want to do it any injustice until I felt that I could completely replicate it, giving it full credibility for its original beauty.