I had the pleasure of being treated out to an early dinner at a Japanese tapas place called Tokio Pub. It’s a new concept restaurant, with a small, chic, and simplistic menu that is presented in a modern, hip, LA style decor. The food was tasty, but I would say that it definitely needed some fine tuning on the overall development of flavor and choices that are presented in the menu. My favorite? Crispy fish tacos with a spicy cream sauce and shredded cabbage. The pulled chicken tacos were great, as well, but they tasted more Spanish than Japanese to me. The chicken meatballs were very delish, but were more Indian based with their spices and sauce. I was searching for subtle, soft, Japanese flavors, which was present only in the Maki sushi roll (Spicy tuna with cilantro… YUM!)

My overall reception of the place was lukewarm. While the food was tasty, it was nowhere near as mind-blasting as I thought it would be. It’s a new restaurant, so I am sure they will perfect their productions as time and customers prevail. I loved the presentation of the food, and absolutely adore the tapas theme. My one quirk: never go to a tapas restaurant if you are starving. You end up eating much less, over ordering, and feeling overwhelmed. My eyes are bigger than my stomach, so that may explain =)