So… As a known fashion junkie, I’m addicted to evolving my style and appearance on a regular basis. My latest craze? Simple, soft, vintage, classic, but with a slight edge. I am still learning how to pair prints, but I am proud to say that I have stopped the “all black” look and have ventured into colors and textures. I found this website, It’s like a Zara/J.Crew/ all mixed into one website. The Europeans always have the coolest stores!

My latest loves?

1). Riding boots (Those have been my staple fall piece for the past six years)

2). Cognac anything

3). Whimsical dresses with sharp blazers

4). Vintage lace

5). Prints! (I recently bought a Strawberry printed sweater from Urban Outfitters, absolutely adorable).

6). Grandma Chic (Always in, always alluring)

7). Collar Shirts (Tuck it in, out, unbuttoned, or tied in the front! Pair it with a wide belt)

8). Briefcases

9). Oxford Laceups

10). Cheap! You don’t have to spend a lot. Really. Just a few pieces to mix and match makes your entire wardrobe fresh.

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