Yesterday I had the joy of celebrating another year of my life. 28. An age that really doesn’t signify much, except that in two years I will be 30. I had the honor of sitting on my couch, watching my dysfunctional family go through their everyday range of motions, realizing that I am kind of lucky to hold on to some sort of sense in my senseless world.

We ended up eating dinner at Claim Jumpers (yum!!!), where they have THE BEST chicken pot pie. My sister got me a cake from Deerfield Bakery, local in our community and absolutely heavenly in taste and sight. I realized that as I have gotten older, I have become more reclusive in my social life yet more closer to the people that are immediately around me. You know what? It’s the best feeling ever. It signifies that I am finally in a comfortable, secure place in my life where I don’t have to feel obligated to do anything else except be myself =)