Being alive is probably the number one thing we take for granted.  In the midst of our hectic, overwhelming day to day activities,there is a tendency to lose the appreciation and genuine beauty of actually living.  How many of us are truly live for the present moment? How many of us are simply existing, methodically and robotically going through the motions of life? There are only 24 hours in a day… that is universally accepted and acknowledged. We can’t change that to make more time, nor can we go back to make up for what has already been said and done. My suggestion? Look right at what is in front of you. Deal with the ups and downs, twists and turns without digging, reminiscing, or contemplating. As humans, our locus of control only remains within our own limits. Our sense of purpose, determination, and will allows us to steer the wheel a little better, with a little more clarity. That said, here are some key ingredients to incorporate into daily living that makes life a bit more tastier and sweeter. =)

-Jot down five things you are grateful for every night. The smallest things count: health, happiness, longevity,  sanity, loved ones, etc..

-Take 20 minutes out of your day to just breathe and meditate. Stretch your muscles, sit outside in the sun,
inhale some extra oxygen into those lungs.

-Thank someone, anyone. I am known to do this even with the most obnoxious, pig-headed idiot I run into, for they make me realize how great it is not to be miserable like them.

-Step away from the things that trigger negative emotions. Simply. Walk. Away.

-Cuddle with a pet, baby, or significant other. Hands down the best relaxer ever.

-You know that sweater/dress/shirt/shoes that are just for special occasions? Use them. Everyday is a special occasion. Don’t save objects for saving sakes. That’s what money is for.

-Wake up 20 minutes earlier than usual. You will be surprised at how nice it is not to rush out of the house, forget things, or be discombobulated.

-Enlighten and broaden your mind. Read something of a new genre, listen to new music, eat a foreign cuisine, watch a documentary with a very specific purpose.

-Did I mention cuddle?

-Love as if you have never loved before. Realize that everyday is a new chance.

-Measure the time you spend with people by quality, not quantity.

-Enjoy a good hearted laugh and joke. Humor is an elixir, there’s a reason why they say Laughter is the Best Medicine.

-Spiritually enlighten yourself. Pray.

-Buy/pick some fresh flowers. Absorb the scent, color, and texture. Stare at them. Put them in a pretty vase by a window.

-Hit a local dollar store. Seriously… go in with 5 or 10 bucks, browse every aisle. I’m sure you will find at least four things that will tickle your fancy.